Health issue of my duck



Aug 21, 2018
Karachi, Pakistan
I have a duck , and she is suffering from a health issue since 2 months .
She accidentally quacks loud and behaving like she is scared from some thing but after 2 to 3 minutes she shakes her head badly just like she wants to vomit but she don't . She drinks a lot , she do like that 3 times yesterday.
I m very scared from this
I can't make a video but i will try, she is my duck unfortunately she suffered from a broken leg when she was one year old , but she is fine with her leg , i actually worried about her behavior since last 2 days .
I approached to a vet , he is saying she is facing from a crop infection .
But im not sure about that
Please help me
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This how she is doing poop today , mostly watery poop


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Can you give us some info like what you feed her, treats also, any supplements? It’s very possible she may have crop issues. Did the vet actually examine her? What does she have access to outside? Long blades of grass can cause issues for one thing. Try some apple cider vinegar in her water bucket for now till we hear answers to these questions 1 -2 tablespoons to a gallon of water. She can also wash her face in this mixture it won’t sting her eyes at all.
She mostly eat tomato and pearl millet with water. I m giving her gripe water and cerelac , i don't think so vet clearly examine her , he all the time said she is facing from crop issue again and again and he also said to me to give her 2 table spoon sugar in 1 liter water for 48 hours. I don't know why he doesn't give any supplement or medication.
But i remembered she ate noddles 4 days ago .
Why don’t you feed her poultry feed? She needs a balanced diet. And I don’t want to go against the vet but all the sugar is going to do is give her a bit of energy then it will stop. It’s not long lasting. What’s gripe water?
She don't like poultry feed , i tried alot to give her but he don't eat ,
Exactly just sugar water is not the cure .
Gripe water is a non-prescription product sold to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of infants.
Mostly vet here prescribed this for birds.
Now what can i do ?
What should i give her in feed ?

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