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Oct 17, 2020
I have two flock types. Ducks and chickens. I wanted to make a first aid kit for both so I can grab it when its needed instead of frantically looking for the items I need amongst all our human first aid lol
What are the items you'd suggests. Im going to use an old fishing tackle box for the supplies.
Mine is a tool box. I love it.
I keep syringes, tweezers, etc.
Dewormer, antibiotics, VetRx, Vetrycin.
Neosporin (no pain relief), some gauze in case.
And I keep the additives in it too, like Save-A-Chick and other packets of boosters.
It’s great having all the supplies in one spot organized.
Same kit for both... but I guess in the duck one you could add a bottle of B complex pills (fast release version)

A horse herbal spray:

A suture kit, and/or pure cotton thread, nice sharp needle, and a lighter.

Pill bottle of liquid gels with vitamin E and selenium.

Nice sharp tweezers.

Super sharp regular sized knife, super sharp small one (or scalpel)

Locking forceps, maybe 3

Large bottle of saline

Vet wrap, and painters tape

Small crate to fit a bird, with feed cup and water cup.

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