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Jul 30, 2010
i have,as some of you know,3 peacocks,who are 3 months old.
thought i could free range them at this age,but find out that it is 3 months till they can go on reg soil,as apposed to concrete.
thought i had no predetors,but now see a hawk visiting!!
i know that these guys need to be penned in for a while,so they know where they live,before freeranging them,but want to know,how long should i keep then penned in?/age?
have heard different reports!
some one says 6 months,others say longer?
they are in a small space10 x10.
they seem fineand happy,but i worry about the small space?
Well anytime you free range always a risk with predators. The older and larger they are fewer predators. Cooper hawk will take smaller peachicks, but will not go after half grown ones.

If raised there should be ok to released.
All I can say is don't rush in letting them out. I know it is exciting thinking about how free they will be to walk around in your yard and how pretty it will be, but you must be careful. Once they seem big enought that you don't think the hawk visiting can catch them then you should be fine. Whenever you do relese them don't force them out of the pen. Just prop the door open and let them go out when they are ready. Try to let them out early so they have about the whole day to get used to free-ranging and everthing before dark. You should probably leave the pen open so if they want to roost in it they can and then close the door so nothing can get in at night or something. Once again only release them when you truely think they are ready, not if you are ready. I realesed birds too soon and payed the price. The male ran away after two weeks and the female did to, I caught her but the male is still somewere out there and from time to time people spot him but we never do.
Another good idea , when release only do one , then the other will help call them back. If something happens you still have the other two.

Make sure nothing can chase them away. dogs,children, geese ,turkeys and etc

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