Heart Attack?


Apr 25, 2017
We’re 7 weeks into raising our CX. It’s our first time with this breed of chickens. I found one this morning that didn’t get up to eat. Her skin is blueish/purple and there is a slight wheeze to her breathing. I’m thinking heart attack which I know can happen to them as they get bigger. I have her quarantined, and I don’t expect her to make it much longer. We feed them 12 hours of the day. Is there anything else we should’ve done? I’ve read that some feed a lower protein than the 22%. Any advice would be much appreciated for the next time around.


Aug 10, 2016
Washington State, Coulee City
I lost one out of 30 this year from the same thing. Sometimes you get a weaker bird we put a lot of stress on them feeding the dickens out of them, but if you want to butcher as soon as possible that’s the way it goes. I fed mine the same as you are doing 12 on 12 off with the 22% feed, I even feed the 22% from start to finish this year worked great. Good luck

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