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    Feb 2, 2012
    If I can see through the tears I'll tell my story in the hope of some advice/sympathy/answers.
    (I live in the uk) Last year my neighbours put three hens in their garden, we have large gardens and the coup was made by my neighbour, there was a small run around the house area. I have always been involved in animal welfare, R A N A, Canine Beautician, and senior rank of rspca, retired young(ish) but still campaign when and where needed, well that's me and I live with my wonderful retired RAF animal lover with our two dogs who fell in love with each other the first time they met at eight weeks and were inseperable so, we had to all move in together in my house as it was the largest of the ytwo with a very large garden.
    The minute Fred, our golden retriever met betty a ginger hen he fell in love all over again.Betty didn't live very long she was killed by a fox.It didn't take long before I became involved with them, at first it was the seemingly lack of food in a container that caused me some concerned but my biggest concern was my neighbours worked all day and they would coo from the inside of
    the run...at weekends they ran free in the garden but always managed to go to great lengths to get to me...I was the auntie with the top of the range expensive dried worms and enjoying every moment of their time, their unconditional love, the trust tey had in me, At times I had to silently get to the washing area otherwise they would leave their joint dust bath and run like comedy chickens to where they heard a slight noise from my side....before they could jump the fence I had run the fastess I ever had back to my house
    With my neighbours permission I was allowed to "play" with them and spent most of my house work time doing just that but the joy of seeing them run, have dust baths and perform two tricks I had taught them made my mounting housework worthwhile....I do however have some serious health issues..the time I spend with them I have no pain! who would have thought I would fall in love with two chickens? In the south east corner of the UK it has suddenly dropped temperature to frezzing and below of a night, of course that made my attention turn to their bedroom and woe and behold it had no wall to wall or floor to ceiling carpeting.!! in fact it had little of anything and as the novelty of keeping them has worn of slightly the hatch door was being left open so not to walk the lenght of garden in the morning. I bought some of the nice warm hay/straw for them as well as a big bag of sawdust...I didn't want them to be embarrassed (the owners) but at least the "girls" were snug and warm....it didn't last long...he tried to put it nice but the bottom line was ...they have feathers and that was that it was the end of a wonderful relatioinship I had with "my girls" is hearbreakingly over, I learned a lot from them and in turn they learned a lot from me and back to a cold house, (I used to put two hot water btls in before the straw) mad or what!? It has been my second day and I haven't stopped crying, I really miss them and my pains have worsened..It wasn't the fact that I spent the money on them because I lied a little and told them it was given to me...I was so happy keeping them warm and snug with no fear of foxes any more and a full belly...I hate myself for getting like this and hate my next door neighbour even more..I know those hens will miss me as much as I do them..but, my main, main concern is they are going to suffer what to do? Thanks for listening love from Gugi xx I will take some time to look around site it looks wonderful well done to you all xx

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    sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

    perhaps you could get some chickens of your own?

    As for your neighbors' chickens, there is probably not much you can do other than keep an eye on them to see if the birds' health is suffering. If it ever does you can let the authorities know. They'll handle it.
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    First, let me welcome you to BYC! This IS an amazing forum populated with wonderfully caring people who collectively now just about everything about chickens. Your feelings are very familiar to a great many of us.

    I have to rehome most of my multiple roosters and that is breaking my heart because I love them. Each chicken has it's own personality, which really surprised me when I first started keeping chickens.

    As another member has posted, perhaps you could get a couple of your own to fill up the hole in your heart?
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    Dec 22, 2009
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    Welcome to BYC. The chickens will be able to handle the cold on their own, dont worry about it. Get a few chickens of your own. You'll be able to raise them as you see fit. I can assure you that having your own chickens will be a rewarding experience. Good luck.

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    I agree with the other posters as well. [​IMG] Chickens are amazing, and we do fall in love with them! [​IMG] I'm sorry this had to happen. But was stated before, just keep an eye one them, which I'm sure you will. DO get yourself some chickens of your own. After all, you've got much love to give, and what they give back to you is priceless. I hope you feel better soon. [​IMG] from S. Florida. Its wonderful to have you join us.
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    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
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    Apr 1, 2011
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    [​IMG] I'm glad you joined us.
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    That's hard, and you'll never have two other chickens that are exactly like your little friends. But hey, who knows what kind of friends you could find in some hens of your own?

    It's pretty fun to watch their antics and have their company. I get a kick out of my leghorn hen and her personality. She's bold, curious, mellow, and yesterday she decided to help herself to a whole piece of bread that was meant to be shared........funny how the smallest hen I own made off with the largest portion! That stinker.

    And WELCOME!!! [​IMG]

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    You should get some chickens of your own. I have lots of health issues also. I was scared I couldn't handle the commitment. But the joy I got made each day worth it.... and - Yes. Somehow the give pain relief. It isn't that hard. I would recommend getting a chicken book. Chickens can handle temps down to zero if they have some shelter. They squat down with their fuzzy fur coats and keep warm. As for hot water bottles - don't use those. They are nice and warm at first but as they cool off - they will draw the heat out of the chickens and then THEY have to make enough heat to keep the water bottles from freezing them! It's why people can get sick from sleeping on water beds without heaters.
    I insulated our first chicken coop and kept all kind of heat lamps in there. It actually makes it harder to be outside picking grasses and pecking at stuff because just like when you go outside your warm house you get cold quick. They need to acclimate to the outdoor temps to stay comfortable. They will be alright in a plain box. They cuddle together to keep warm.
    We know of a man who lives in Alaska and his cabin stays at 42 degrees. He can go outside in a T-shirt when it is 19 degrees. Bodies adjust! They also won't miss you too much. A chickens best friend is always another chicken! Because they can get into trouble together like kids.
    You should get yourself a few chickens. Chick season is coming up and local farm and feed stores usually have some from local hatcheries. Start them out in a box in your house... when it gets warm you can teach them how to be outside. They are great company because they talk to you and it's fun to share your food with someone! They taught me how great life was being busy all the time! You can do it!

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