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Hello chicken lovers!
My partner and I just got our flock this spring. We have an Americuana, an Australorp, Buff Orpington, Delaware, Cuckoo Maran, and a Barred Rock. The Americuana and the Barred are laying and we are waiting for the others. We are coming up on a hot spell here and just want to reach out and get some device on keeping the girls cool. Any ideas.?


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Welcome to BYC!

If you live in a very warm climate, sand is an excellent medium to use in your coops and runs as you can hose it down and it will keep the birds really cool. I use sand and I do this. On the hottest of days, the birds feet are cool.

But you can run fans in your coop and run, some people freeze gallon jugs of water for the birds to snuggle next too. Even trays of water so they can stand in will help keep them cool. You can put ice in the water fonts, and I like to feed cool fruits like watermelon or cantaloupes. Good hydration and calories as they sometimes don't eat a lot in the heat.

Here is a thread on keeping birds cool in the summer time that you can post in if you have any questions....


Good luck with this upcoming heat spell! And welcome to our flock!

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Welcome to BYC!!:D Glad you've joined us today! Sounds like you have a happy flock of birds. I love all those breeds!;) My best advice for keeping them cool, is to provide plenty of shade in their run or out in their free ranging area, put out lots of big water bowls so the chickens not only have water to drink but so they can dunk their heads and feet in the water. Also, chicken breeds with large combs fare better in heat since their blood is easier to circulate and keep them cool. You can also give them cool treats such as yogurt, ice cubes and milk.

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