Heat, coop still 85, outside is 82


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Mar 30, 2011
Southeastern Ohio
Okay, I have surfed and seen answers, but now that I am in this position, it is scary for my birds. 44 birds, a little over half are 4 weeks and the rest are 8 weeks. It was 94 here today. No air movement, so I bought two weather resistant box fans and set up one in each coop, I put electrolytes in their water. Is there anything else to do? They look so hot. This is the first time I have had chicks, pretty excited everyone made it through brooding, but less than 10 days ago it was 45 at night and 60 during the day, maybe. We are late in getting runs up but let them free range when we are at home (not the 4 week olds yet). Then tonight the silly 4 week olds all huddled against a wall at bedtime, why huddle when it's so hot? thanks for listening. Bad thing is I leave tomorrow for work at 9 and won't Be home til 8. Do I leave fans on all night?

Edited to add, chickens are panting, the little ones huddling and panting (why), and big ones brahmas look hot, holding wings funny at times.
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Give them cold water and if you really cannot be there set up the fans to stay on for them. If you have air conditioning inside maybe you could move them in there temporarily? You may not want to but what would be worse, burying your chickens or vacuuming up some chick food and bedding? Good luck and I hope your chicks cool down.
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it gets quite a bit hotter than that here... they dont look too good but i'm sure they'll be ok... as long as they have shade and water. what crazy weather this year, huh?
Thanks for the posts. My chickens did well, kind of feel like an overprotective mom, being new at this and all. I swear the 4 week olds grew a bunch in the last two days of heat, poof they are huge. It has cooled down here 5-6 degree to mid upper 80s and it seems much easier on them. Thanks again, I will make some adjustments this week so next 94 degree day they will be cooler.

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