Heat for brahmas and opringtons in wyoming


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Aug 4, 2015
How warm should a hen house be in the Wyoming winters when it gets down to -17 in the night and a high of 19 during the day?
My husband argue about this and I put a heat lamp outside their door in the open coop. This provided some warmth during the night, but not too warm. Do Brahmas, opringtons and americanas require some warmth during these months where it gets really cold?
Last night it was 27 and the hen house was 34 with the heat lamp.


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Dec 11, 2009
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You're on the Baby Chick forum. Are you talking about keeping baby chicks warm or adult chickens?

Adult chickens need no extra heat in winter as long as they get plenty of good quality feed and fresh water. Good ventilation/air circulation is more important than heat. Chickens have wonderful feather jackets to keep them toasty warm without additional heat.

Baby chicks need a heat source to warm themselves under, but they, too, do just fine in cold temps.

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