Heat lamp in coop for 7 week chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickfamilyonsleepyhollow, May 30, 2010.

  1. Good morning everyone,
    Just wondering if I need to use a heat lamp if outside temps get below 60. We're newbie's --- our six chicks are almost seven weeks old and we're ready to move them into their new coop ... they've been outside during the day with temps 70-80 degrees ... and we bring them in at sunset ... nighttime gets to be around 50-60. They climb right up on my hand in the morning when I put them outside [​IMG] [​IMG] but want nothing to do with me when its time to bring them in the house [​IMG] [​IMG] We just love em [​IMG]
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    good morning back at ya [​IMG]
    i think being your chicks are about 8 week mark for letting the heat source go and the temp a bit higher. i would only try this 30 minutes at a time. as to get your chicks used to life without a heat source. you might have alot of peeping if you just shock them and turn it off, and never turn it back on. happened to me.
    good luck! [​IMG]
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    My chicks have been outside since 5 weeks. They are almost 7 weeks now & I had the heat lamp on a few nights when it was in the 50s and 60s, but now they are weathering all temps well. No more heat lamp uunless it gets below 45. All but a few have been roosting since 6 weeks. They are having a blast.
  4. Thanks for the replies [​IMG] I think I'll set-up the the heat lamp and turn it on if it seems like they're chilly [​IMG]
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    You will probably get away without a heat lamp if you have large chicks, a draft -free enclosure and a more than 2 or 3 chicks. If there is a cold night forecast, switch on the heat lamp,
    Good Luck,
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    May 9, 2010
    how does anyone have the heat lamp set up in there coop? i'm building my coop and i'm just not quite sure how i wanna do it. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Well its a warm night outside so we didn't need a heat lamp ... however the chicks were having a hard time getting used to their new home so we decided to hang a yellow bug light inside and that seemed to settle them down very nicely ... I'm on my way out there to check on them before I go to bed but the mosiquitos are BRUTAL [​IMG] I hope I can make it back to the house alive [​IMG]

    We have a 2 X 4 across the top of the coop so that we can hang their food and water ... thats where the lamp is hanging right now.
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    My chicks range in age from 6 weeks to 9 weeks. They have been in the coop for a couple of weeks. I am still using a heat lamp at night. We are having an unusually cool and wet spring. Most nights are still 45 - 50 degrees and daytime highs are 55 - 65 degrees. I sure wish we would get some dry and warmer weather soon but the 7 day forecast does not show much improvement. It is an absolutely horrible year for gardeners so far.
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    lol parts of my garden seem to be in reverse while the rest seems to be swimming in their beds [​IMG]

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