Heat lamp in the run?


Feb 16, 2018
Central Florida
I separated my silkie pullet that is raising chicks into the run because the coop is too small to do it in. She is a small silkie so her 5 almost 2 week chicks don’t fit completely under her (heads will poke out or a chicks backside will hang out) Since we are having a cold spell I tarped up most of the sides of the run except for the inside where the separation wire is. Winter hit us hard last night in the low 40’s ... our normal nights are usually in the 60’s. Tonight is going to be the same. Should I hang up a heat lamp under the covered run over the the nest box for these chilly nights? The tarps block most of the wind but it’s not completely draft free.

The non silkie chicks have some wing feathers but the two silkie chicks don’t have as much.


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Nov 23, 2010
St. Louis, MO
I don't think it will be necessary. I did use a heat lamp once for a hen with chicks one November when the temps dropped into the teens. I put it over the food and water station (not the nest box) so they could eat and drink in comfort.

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