Heat Lamp Issues

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    I have a smaller coop with 4 hens. My Standard Hens keep rubbing up against the heat lamp & burning their feathers off their bodies. NO JOKE! They look terrible!
    I am worried about them burning their bodies. Does anyone have a suggestions about what I should use to cover the head lamp?

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    The heat lamp *I* bought - from the feed store - had a wire guard on it. Two thick bars which notch into each other so the guard doesn't collapse. Also, I hung the 250watt red (infrared) heat lamp far enough above the brooder to keep it well away from the chicks.

    When I used it later in my small coop, I hung it up high (all of 3 feet) in an upper corner sort of pointing it diagonally across the coop. The guard is part of the reflector/socket unit for the lamp itself.
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    i would get it out of there fast.. you don't want your chickens burning up.. feathers are flamable
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    I'd opt to go without the lamp if you aren't able to get at least about an 18 inch clearance from anything that could burn, including your chickens. Many wrap wire (such as chicken wire or hardware cloth around the open end of the housing, but you still need space away from bedding and your birds. If you keep a lamp in there, please make sure it is secured with wire or some other secure manner, not just clamped onto something. Be careful with those birdies!
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    My heat-lamp shines through a hole in the plywood ceiling and is protected by 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Theoretically, It is not within 18 inches of a "flammable object" (unless that object were to move into that area on its own (chicken).

    So far......no problems with it. (I think, normally, it can be considered "safe".)


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