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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Princesszelda, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Is it possible that the heat lamp in the coop is making the rooster think it's a Red Light District? In the evening he ambles over to the chicken house door like a gunslinger (his spurs shining in the red glow). I plugged in a radio to muffle the noise but he got louder! All together it's a bit boom chicka bwa bwa out there. But the good news is the ladies are laying again, 5 eggs today!
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    Now Elvis (my Karaoke rooster) won't leave the henhouse and basically sings and waits by the feeder for his ladies. When the radio gave out he didn't even stop crowing to breathe so he has our old stereo. His favorites are "Big and Rich". He crows less with "Dixie Chicks". The hens love him but the Neighbors don't even after I told them he took requests. My DH wants to invite him to dinner! Not sure what else to try...


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    Does anyone have a recipe for rooster? He's probably not very tough as he seems to divide his time lounging under the heat lamp (tanning) or the water or the feeder (crowing) for the ladies. This morning when I went to gather the eggs he was sitting in the nest with a hen with egg on his face! Perhaps a recipe that goes with peanutbutter as the Neighbor has been saving scraps for the hens and has been adding it, as she says, "Elvis would like it". My husband says it is probably to stick his beak shut for a change. It can't be a slow cooker recipe as I have turned it into another incubator.

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    "Elvis has won a stay of execution. I asked the Neighbor if she'd like to come over for a rooster dinner and I thought she was going to start crying!

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