Heat lights...neccessary ?


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I was thinkin about this light that is on fer my peepsters 24/7. I was into breedin and keepin reptiles for many many years and i allways used a ceramic heat bulb when more heat was nesseccary. I got to thinkin that when the peepsters are with thier mom they get daylight and night time, unlike havin a heat lamp on them now.I would also think that having day and night for them would be better for them ?
Is there a reason why everyone uses lights 'round the clock and not a ceramic heater that would allow these little cuties to get some good dark shuteye ?
a 60 watt light bulb should be hot enough to keep the chicks at 95.i never adjusted my brooder light when i brooded chicks.after they get like 3wks old id turn the light off at nite.because depending on the year the nite temps are getting warmer.
Little chickies without their mom can get cold very quickly, they need to stay warm. If you can come up with another way to keep them warm at night without a light, let us know!! Mine are 8 days now and during the day they are going outside for dirt baths and staying in the hutch. It is not dropping below 60 right now. But when the evening comes and it starts getting a little cooler, I bring them in and let them warm up under their light all night. Today is the second day they have stayed out all day, I'm about to bring them in. And rain is suppose to be on the way, so I don't think I will be able to leave them out, I will let them go out for a bit, but they do need to stay warm.
I have the ceramic heater you are familiar with, and it works great! Go for it!! I love having mine in natural light, but at night I do have a nightlight for the next couple days, just so they can find the food and water. It's a 25 watter and I'll probably decrease it to 15 watts in a few days, then go to regular night.

I think some people are put off by the cost, maybe. I found all 3 of mine on Ebay for a great price, though.
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The little chicks need the light for warmth. They get closer or farther away to adjust the heat they need. They sleep when they want the light on does not make a difference. More chicks will keep each other warmer also.
Thank you all for your responses. I most definately do keep a heat light on my babies. Maybe some of you missunderstood my post.
What Lisa said in her responses was exactly the info i was looking for.
Mine are about 10-11 days old now and they are getting aggressive towards each other at times so i'll try the ceramic heater and see if giitin some shuteye in the dark calms them.
There is definately a way ibpboo. Go to yer local pet shop that sells reptilke supplies and get a ceramic heater. it will screw into your light fixture jist like a light bulb.
Make sure you have a good quality light fixture with a ceramic socket. The ceramic heaters can git much much hotter than a light bulb and melt a plastic socket. The good light fixtures are not yer simple clamp lamp. They have a heavy cord, a ceramic socket and also a wire that is used to hang the fixture making it easier to raise and lower it if you suspend it form a small chain.
As Lisa said, get a low watt one.
Oh, thanks jimnjanet!

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