Heat sensitive? Not laying


Nov 12, 2015
Nor Cal
I have 12 girls (6 hens 6 pullets 19-24 weeks ) only 1 has not been confirmed laying. 5 are ameraucana/EE, 2 barred rock, 1 RR(or PR) and 4 mixed.

Overall most are consistent layers. 1EE is the one not laying. Of the other 4, 2 are consistent 2 haven't laid in about a week. All other girls are laying consistently. Of the 2 EE that are not currently laying one all black (black betty) and one dark brown with yellow (cocoa bean) are my darkest girls. Inclouding the RR I have 3 that are dark red colors but those 2 are possibly that darkest of the mix.

Are ameraucana/EE possibly more heat sensitive then other hens? Or is it possible that these 2 because of their darker color are more sensitive then others? 1 is older laying from last year and 1 started laying about 6-8 weeks ago. Temps have been in the upper 90s for a while but this week will get over 110.


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Egg laying consistency can be all over the place...regardless of temps.

Some birds can be more affected by the heat than others.....and it may not have anything to do with plumage color.
I had a black girl that would lounge in the sun when most the others were panting in the shade.
My 'heat canary' always feels the heat first, she's light colored and small.

I put out shallow pans of ice cubes, they sip as it melts and stand in the pan with the cubes around their feet.
If we have days in a row with excessive heat I will give some chick saver electrolytes,
just quart between 25 birds, which I think really helped with laying.

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