Heat sinks

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9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
Northernmost California
I'm filling plastic Easter eggs with sand to use as heat sinks in an incubator. For those who have done this, do you scatter the heat sinks around the 'bator, stagger them next to eggs. or just put them all in one location?
That's a good idea... sand in plastic eggs. I would say put them where ever you can fit them without negatively affecting air flow.

Just them being in the box will help stabilize temps and regain temps faster after opening the lid. And also help in the event of a power failure.

As long as you have enough room for water trays and everything else... I'd fill it up! You can see in my incubator I made (<< view my BYC page) that I used large paver stones and they worked great!

Good luck!

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