Heat source or no heat source??Transitioning outdoors!


May 16, 2020
Chicks are 5weeks tomorrow! We want to get them into their coop/run at 6 weeks. They’ve been spending a lot of time outside when it’s not raining, but we still use a 75watt heat light in their indoor brooder at night.
We live in the PNW so the daytime temps are 60s/ low 70s and nighttime temps are low 50s. They are feather well ( I think) with the exception of a few of their heads...but how would you transition them this last week before they move into the coop?

Ideally I would rather not have to set up another heat source in the coop, but will do what is needed of course!


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Take them off heat completely, then you can move them out in a few days/by end of week.

I have same temps as yours (and rain) and I'm yanking the heat on my 3 1/2 week old chicks tomorrow. Difference is mine are used to being outside so they're used to these temperatures. I also let them decide if they want to deal with the rain or take shelter from it, they need to figure it out since we have a lot of rainy days on the horizon.

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