Heat sources for brooding chicks

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Sep 21, 2013
I used to keep reptiles, and so know of the many sources for heating an enclosure. I still have my under-tank heaters (which heat the floor of a glass tank) and my ceramic bulbs (which radiate heat from above as a light bulb would, but produce no light.) Would either of these heat sources be appropriate for chicks? I thought the ceramic heating bulbs would be good as long as the chicks don't need more than natural light. Thanks!
I use the ceramic reptile heating bulbs, have really come to like them because they last so long compared to red/heat lights. As you noted, the only negative thing I find about them is that you can't see anything unless you turn on another light, which is the one thing I like about red lights. If they are in a dark room, I do turn on a regular light during daylight hours so they are active.
I think that if you use the under tank heater you can put a towel so it can be soft and not a scorching heat under the feet of the chicks.

Yeah. I don't think the under tank heater would be safe for them. Even with a thick layer of pine shavings, I can't be sure their little feet wouldn't get too hot. With that one, I'd also still have to use something overhead as it doesn't really heat the air, just the floor and bedding.

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