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    I have a barred rock that showed signs of heat stress. She was laying in the run and would not get up when I called her. I brought her in wet her down and cool her down. She acted lethargic, kept her eyes closed a lot. Staggered around when she walked. It's been about 5 to six days now. She still won't eat or drink on her own. I've been force feeding and watering her with electrolytes and her food I crushed up into a powder and mix with warm water.... I've not seen much improvement. Maybe just a hair..... Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions or ever experience this???? Any ideas or thoughts would be great. Thanks Josh.
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    I wish I had an answer for you, but maybe she had something wrong, and the heat set it off. Could coccidiosis or Mareks disease be a problem? There doesn't have to be blood in the poop for coccidiosis. Could she have eaten something bad or moldy feed? What is her crop like in early morning, and what do her poops look like? Is she standing or walking at all? Any paralysis in a leg? How old is she? Try offering her a scrambled egg chopped up fine. Here are a couple of links on cocci and Mareks:

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