Heavy Panting ... Do I need to cool her off?


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
My hen (5 month old silkie) that I've been nursing with the weak legs is panting pretty hard. She's in the backyard under a tree, but the weather outside is between 85-90 degrees. My month old bantams are also panting. Aracaunas and my brahma seem to be doing OK. Do I need to cool them down? How?

I tried to get her to drink water, but she won't drink. Everyone talks about adding electrolytes in the water - where do I get some? Other ways to keep my hen cool and hydrated?
Hi, You can buy Pedialyte at the grocery and use that, or buy vitamins and electrolytes (usually sold in powder form) at the feed or pet store. We live in S. California and have misters but, honestly, our chickens don't really like them too much. What I do is let the hose run on the ground for a bit and most of the birds will come over to it, stand in the running water, drink it and cool off. That's my best suggestion. Simple, but it does the trick! Cheers, Lynn
Thanks for the suggestions - I'll give them a try tomorrow if it's hot again. She's doing fine inside right now...

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