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  1. Ok I have done some research into Hegari (pronounced Hygear) it is a Sorghum grain good in calcium, and protein, the problem is it has about 1 percent iron. will feeding it to my chickens cause problems or is it to little to worry about. also I was wondering can you feed it to them dried. I know that my Great Aunt said that her dad used to cut off the hegari heads and toss it to the chickens but I was wondering if I could grow large amounts and dry it for further use.

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    If you plan on using this as a primary food, you might check with your local cooperative extension service to see if it is balanced enough for the chickens.

    I don't know it large amounts of iron in the diet can be problematic or not. The label on my bag of feed doesn't show iron as being present at all. I guess that means that there is not enough in it to show on the label.


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