Hehe, I have to give some props to my fiance :)

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    First a little background on my fiance..When we first met I honestly don't even know how we became what we are now, lol. [​IMG] He would always make fun of my southern accent (Hes from Maryland) and other southern things I did. Also, when I got my chickens he was just fine with it, he didn't really care for them that much but he didn't hate them either. So as time went by I started making him come out to my chicken coop with me...now he loves them, lol. (Isn't that how it always goes?) Okay...fast forward to yesterday.

    My dad, fiance, and neighbor all helped me build "super runs" onto my chicken coop and let me tell you, it looks so amazing. They worked all day for me to have exactly what I wanted. [​IMG] That was saturday. Yesterday, my fiance and I were home and we didn't have anything to do after church so I told him I wanted to go work on and better the chicken coop some more. [​IMG] Anyways, we worked for another 3-4 hours putting up another door inside the coop, hanging up tarps, building nest boxes, etc. I guess he does love me, hehe [​IMG] I just had to brag a little [​IMG]
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    The things we do for LOVE ! [​IMG]
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