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Big Bubba

6 Years
May 19, 2013
I have 4 RIRs that I let free range in my backyard. I have a split rail fence and I, also, secure it with a chicken wire fence that is 2 feet high. I know that it isn't going to keep them in if they want to jump over, but it has worked without fail for 2 years.

Well, last week a neighbor brought a dog over that made a run at one of my girls. Feeling scared she flew over to the other side. Now, this one hen has decided there is a great big world she'd like to see and she is continually jumping the fence. Luckily I have cool neighbors and she doesn't wander far. But, I want to put an end to this.

So, I need to build a newer, higher fence. Do you think 4 feet would be sufficient? I've heard others says 10 feet might not be high enough. If so, what am I supposed to do at this point? I'm open any suggestion. Is deer fencing a good option?

Please let me know what you would do.

My run is made out of 6ft tall dog kennel panels. I got a mixed breed rooster to add to my hens, the first time I let them out to free range after getting the roo I found him perched up on the top of the run. None of the hens joined him but if he wanted out of a fenced area I'd need more than 6ft tall to keep him confined.

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