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    I am new to chickens and looking for a little advice. My 12 BR, and 7 RIR are 13 weeks old. I started building the nest boxes. I put 2 boxes at 20 inches above the floor. My plan was to put two more above the first two but, as I looked at them I wondered if it wouldn't be better to put the second set under the first set. This would make the lower set to be about 6 inches off the floor of the coop and the upper set being 20 inches above the floor. Is this an ok idea, or should I put the second set of boxes above the ones that are 20" off the floor. I thought that would make them awfully high. Looking forward to getting feedback.
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    Usually "they" say the first set of nesting boxes should be about 14 in off the floor. I would think the chickens can still get to the top row. If you can, it might be best to move them down now and avoid it becoming a problem later. If you leave 14 in from the floor, it still gives the chickens the floor room . If you move it just 6 in off the floor, you are taking away floor room, which comes in handy during the long winters when they are locked in the coop.
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