Hello! A little bit about myself and my flock and family


Nov 15, 2018
Hi! My name is Bethany. My family and I have had chickens for about 7 months. We are totally newbies! We started with a manageable 8 hen flock. Well, we didn't fully understand how many thing would like to make our chickies lunch and we lost 5! So in building back our flock (after securing our yard and run) we have ended up with 27!!:eek: But we love them all. We have an Isa Brown, Black sexlink, Naked Necks, Cockoo Marans, Easter Eggers, a Barnevelder, and a bunch of mixed breed beauties. We love watching them run all over the yard and the eggs! So delicious! I have 5 kids so they are learning how to be responsible as well. We also like to work on our muscle cars. My husband and I are huge Mustang fans and buy them and build them out. Between that, the chickens, 5 kids and work there is not much more time for anything else. Although we do have a little puppy named Tootsie and a Cat named Peanut. I have been looking to BYC for questions and guidance and finally decided to join in the fun. I look forward to chatting with new people.

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