Hello All - This is about our MadHouse

1. We are not new to chickens, we just haven't done them in about 15 years when we got wipe out overnight by a racoon and babies. We are just recently getting back into them again.
2 and 3. Right now we have 10 cinnamon queens (is what we were told) about 1yr old a rooster that was given to us that we don't know age or breed, but he is beautiful. We have 7 babies of the cinnamon queens and the rooster, that just hatched from the 28th to the 30 of may. We also have 4 that are a mix of the cinnamon queen and a EE or bantam, the person didn't know which rooster would be the dad, they are about 8 weeks old and we have 11 EE and 10 silver laced Wyandottes that are about 12 weeks old.
4. My favorite aspect is just watching them grow anspd seeing the colors and letting the grandkids get the eggs, so they see where they come from. Also watching the babies hatch.
5. Other hobbies are doing things outside, being with family, art, and food art. Our family consists of the hubby and I with 1 child left at home and 3 others grown. We have 6 grandkids 4 girls & 2 boys.
6. Other pets ND info include, 2 pigs, 1 cat, 2 outside watch dogs, 2 inside dogs that think they are humans. Hubby works for boat dealership and I am working on a business management and an art degree to be able to open a food art bakery in the not too far future.
7. Because you should never stop learning about things you love, I found BYC by reading up on all the things that have changed in raising chickens in the past 15 years since we last raised chickens. Most answers led to this site. I figured this was a site for continued learning so, I figured I would sign up. :)
Any advice on what our rooster is and the sex of any would be great ;)
My favorite is the light grey stripped one :)
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