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Oct 30, 2018
Nice to meet y'all. I live in the sunny south of France where I keep a mixed flock of nine hens and one (happy) rooster. Silkies, Buff Orpingtons, Suffolks and bantams.
Aside from looking after them, I am a private chef and a painter. I love the water, mountain biking, foraging, fishing and gardening.

I am about to buy some Brahmas for my father who lives further north, and am wondering what size coop I should get for three hens and one rooster...they look like they could do with a large entrance!

Perhaps I should get him a good book too, so he can find answers to all questions. What are your favourite yard bird books?

This looks like a great forum. I look forward to chatting! Thanks for reading me :D
Hello NellyBird.
Welcome to BYC.
Are you and your father free ranging?
This book is a little dated but I've found it invaluable over the years.
Diseases Of Free Range Poultry by Victoria Roberts BVSc MRCVS
Yes, I free range - they have a nice enclosed big grassy yard, some trees to shade under. My Dads place has vast land and many predators, so I wonder about a mobile coop with a large enclosed area, and letting them range during the day with fingers crossed!
Thanks a lot for the book reference :)
Welcome to BYC, @NellyBird !:frow

All of us are happy to have you here, we always have enough room on the BYC roost!

Feel free to ask questions, there are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people who will answer them! :celebrate

Also feel from to explore the articles, especially the coop page. I'd say you'd want to check out the medium-sized coops or mobile coops!

Enjoy your time on this amazing site! :woot
Glad you could join us, maybe get your father too as well! The 4 sq ft per bird in coop and 10 sq ft per bird if attaching covered run is a good rule of thumb larger if plan to expand. Just make sure opening to pop door is big enough for bird. I use at least a 12 x 12 inch pop door. Just make sure door is large enough for Brahma as they get a bit bigger. My largest hen will be 7 lbs and it works well.

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