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Aug 14, 2016
I've used this website as a reference in the past and finally decided to join. I've had chickens for about three years but recently decided to take it a bit more seriously. I have previously just got red sex links hens from a local hatchery and replaced the birds with new layers once production dwindled. I have recently decided to start a breeding program and raise my own birds.

I currently have a three year old Chantecler that is my first bird and six 24 week old red sex link that are laying daily. I have purchased an assorted of chicks at two different ages. I have eight pullets (at least I think they are) that range from 10-12 weeks. They include 4 Ameraucana, 2 Barnevelder and 2 blue Andalusian. I also have 7 chicks ranging from 2-5 weeks. These chicks all appear mixed breeds. I'd love you know what they are! They're parents are a combination of many of the birds above from the sounds of it.

I look forward to learning from many of you. Take care!


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Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Best of luck with your future plans and breeding programme.

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