hello all!


6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
new hampshire
I am a proud owner of one beautiful white barred Plymouth rock, I also have 4 ducks and use to have a Sicilian Buttercup bantam rooster he went to live with my vet cause he needed more girlies to show off for. Daisy Dae is her name and she is a cuddle bug. She spends her day out with my ducks free ranging and comes in to house at night so I can spend time with her as she is my only chicken and loves to talk. She is one year three months old and loves having me to herself. She is litterbox trained in the house that took a long time to do and still has accidents when in a room far away from box but runs to it when close to it when she has to go. Happy to be a member now.
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would love to see a video of Daisy using her litter box. If only they were easy to train, I bet there would be many more kept as housepets.
It took like 8 months to train her and still has accidents if its not close to where she is. I will get a video of her in a few months when she is in more than out.Right now I have it beside my couch under where she sits and she stands up and drops her poop in then looks to see if she made it, she is funny.

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