Hello Everyone! Can anyone tell my what type of chicken this is?


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May 22, 2012
Central Kentucky
Hello Everyone,

Looking forward to meeting fellow chicken enthusiast, and learning as much about chickens as possible. My family and I are new to chicken's, but we are enjoying them very much. My husband recently aquired a small hen to add to our flock. We were told she was a game hen, but I am not certain of this. The woman we bought her from orders chicks from hatcheries, so I am assuming that this is where this hen came from. I have tried to find birds that look like her on the internet, but have not had much success. I have seen pics of some birds with a similar body, but not the same color. I have also seen some pics of birds with the same body and similar color, but not the same comb. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this little hen is, and what her color is called. She may just be a mix breed hen. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to BYC! I'm afraid I can't identify her either. You might want to try posting your picture under the "chicken breed" forum in "what breed is this" also - more folks might see it who can help out. Enjoy your chickens!
Thanks each and everyone of you for the welcomes.It is good to be here! Denisel, thank you. I posted a pic of her in the "chicken breed" forum last night. Someone suggested that she may be an Old English Bantam. As for her color, no one is sure. She seems to have some black lacing and light grey feathers. Anyway, thanks everyone for your comments
Hello and welcome to BYC! That's a cute chicken you got there!

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