Hello Everyone from British Columbia, Canada

Looking forward to hearing and reading the posts.
Take care
We have 14 chickens that are just starting to lay. We hatched out 18 in March for eggs that I acquired from a road side that was selling a variety of eggs brown speckled, blue, green, light brown. We got a beautiful selection of americauna cross. Then our daughter picked up 3 more unsexed from a chicken swap purebred Americauna, Coucou De Maline (only Rooster we kept) and one no one can identify( nasty, not a nice hen 1st pic) and we picked up 6 purebreds ( 2 Buff Orpington, 2 Speckled Sussex and 2 Welsummers Butchered the roosters in September and just got 5 more Bovans to have more layers. We are looking for more of a dual-purpose breed...

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