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Mar 7, 2018
Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I have recently created a page here to help with any questions I or anyone may have. But before we get to that I would like to tell you a little about my self... I have lived on a farm my whole life and have raised chickens mainly Rhode Island Reds and a few Bantams around my grandfather's farm. Recently in the past year I started my very own flock of Rhode Island Red girls and they have became my pride and joy of pets. They are beyond spoiled and receive the utmost care and love. But recently I have wanted to expand my flock more and purchased 12 two week old chicks that I'm not to sure if they are Americanas or Easter eggers. But I have little experience with this breed and hope to learn a lot from all of you chicken enthusiasts!!
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Sense a few have asked for some pictures of my flock here are a few of my RIR lady's with my rooster Tom and ofcourse my new additions to which I am strongly leaning to as being Easter eggers. My rooster Tom I'm not to sure as of what breed he is, he was given to me when a family member bought some chicks and he was accidentally placed in the box and sent to her.if anyone knows the breed or prediction I would love to hear it!!


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