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    Feb 18, 2009
    Me and my wife are new to the chicken realm. We live in southern MN and have a small acreage. At this point we are raising a couple of cows for beef and we have decided to raise some chickens as well. We are going to raise them for the meat. The chickens will be for us and maybe if things go well enough to sell to other people. What are some of the better breeds that grow quickly? My biggest question is can I raise chickens through out the year or am I relagated to Spring through fall? I have many more questions that I will be asking. Thanks to everyone for their wisdom!
  2. Hello and Welcome to BYC , GLAD TO HAVE YOU HERE!
    I would say the cornish cross would be the fastest growing chicken for a meat bird.They eat alot and supposed to be ready in 8 weeks.
    Yup you can raise them all year round as long as you have a draft free coop for in the winter time.

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    I would think that with a coop you could have chickens all year? Breed choices are such a personal thing and it depends on what you want them for. For laying white or brown eggs and so on! brown eggs I sure love RIR's and Rocks!

    eta sorry I missed you wanted meat birds
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    We're glad to have you here! You'll have meaties and layers before long if we have anything to say about it!

    I'd like meaties myself, but my DH doesn't like the thought of eating anything thst's been running around in our yard. I'm working on him, though.
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