Hello everyone!


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Oct 27, 2021
Hello everyone!

Greetings from a previous member from long ago! And no, just for clarification, I wasn't a somebody on these forums lol. I first found this lovely web page when I took the plunge into chicken keeping years ago (approximately 6 or 7 years ago) and just now decided to try and make a return. Hopefully I can manage sticking around this time! After trying different chicken breeds, having 2 kids and keeping my family going through these crazy last few years I'm looking to dip my toes into something new and figured this would be the best place to get some much needed advice and ideas.

You see, I finally think I'm sane (or am I crazy?) enough to consider getting a few ducklings! So it just struck me that this would be the best place to go in order to try and affirm or dissuade myself from making such a decision by Spring. As I stand now, I'm definitely on the fence - wanting to give myself the green light because I mean come on, how cute are ducklings!? But definitely seeing a possible red light because again I mean come on, look at the mess they make!! So, if there's any hope for me I figured I'd come and do my research on these forums and pick the brains of the sage and wise owners before me in order to make a more informed decision. I figure if I can properly prepare beforehand then I really shouldn't have too much of a problem making room to add some new fowl to my flock (currently I'm only thinking 2, but we all know how chicken math is and if duck math is anything like it, well, there's really no hope for me lol!) So, here I am! Here I will hopefully stay! And here I shall learn and prepare! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to meet you all. :celebrate

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