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May 20, 2012
Our Hippie Compound, WA
Hey! My name is Sam and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my fiance and daughter. We call our propety the Flying Monkey Butt Hippie Compound (long story) and currenty we have 2 dogs, 6 cats (2 indoor, 4 outdoor) 2 free range goats, and 20 free range chickens! We started out buying 3 Ameraucans and 3 Bantam chicks from the feed store. One of the banties died. Then we were given 10 chickens of varying breeds and a big coop for free! And then we just got 1 hen and 3 "Wyandotte pullets". I quote that because one doesn't look like a Wyandotte and another looks a little more developed than the other two... so I think SHE might be a HE. And we were given 2 Wyandotte hens for trade for one of our white egg layers. Let's see if I can remember them all:

Albert- Black Crested Polish Rooster
Ernestine- RIR (my favorite hen)
Calliope- Black Sex Link
Butter- Buff Orpington
Lacey- Americauna/Polish
Mary, Laura and Carrie- Americaunas
Cloud- Blue Andalusian
Egypt- Egyptian Fayoumi (trading for the Wyandottes we already have)
Peanut and Rusty- Wyandottes
Michelle- Black Maran we JUST got night before last (2nd favorite hen)
Wyandotte Pullets- Agnes, Hazel, Etta
Americauna Chicks- Vera, Rita, Eleanor
Banty Chicks- Lucy and Loretta

AND I'm getting a couple White Jersey Giant Pullets soon!

Anyway this site has been really helpful so far. Once I figure out how to upload a pic in the posts, we'll be golden! :)

~: >3


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