Hello Everyone


7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
Hello. I've looked on BYC for information before I got chickens, and it was only fitting that I join after I got them.
I moved to the country after living in the suburbs all my life. After moving, my husband and I decided we wanted chickens and thought it would take a few years to get them. After only a year and a half a friend of ours gave us two Plymouth Rocks. They haven't started laying yet, but I am slowly increasing the light in the coop so I can get some eggs this year.
Other than keeping chickens, I like to crochet and clean. I am married with two kids and we have a dog that is slowly learning that our chickens are off limits to "play". There is no doubt that I have a lot to learn about raising and keeping chickens, but I'm happy to have BYC.

from Washington State!

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