Hello, excited to be on BYC!


Sep 4, 2019
Gettysburg, PA
Hi everyone,

My husband and I are new owning a flock. We started with three in August and now we have 4 ducks, two Pekins, (who are almost full grown, male & female & we unfortunately lost our third Pekin to a terrible accident, it was very heartbreaking!) two Rouen (who are about 4 weeks old, we also think we have a male & female) and we have two female Welsh Harliequin being shipped in the beginning of October to finish our flock as that is the max the coop we built will hold!

We also have six chicks. Our neighbor had his hen sit on 7 eggs and 6 hatched. We currently have Mama Hen living in our coop with them and teaching them everything they need to know! We are having so much fun and loving every minute of have a backyard flock!

Excited to finally have an account on BYC as I’ve been googling things and reading off of BYC since day one and now I can post and ask questions when needed! Hope you enjoyed the photos of our flock! ❤


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