Hello fellow chicken lovers!


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Hi everyone. I am Jill. I live in Minnesota and am new to the whole chicken thing. My children begged me into getting some chicks last May, and while the chicks grew up inside my house, I was outside building a coop. When the coop was finished and the chicks were bigger, they got moved outside. I wasn't sure at first if this was going to be a good thing, but my kids and I have grown to love our chickens. I'm learning a lot just by having them in my backyard, and I hope to learn more from this forum and from you!

As luck would have it, our chickens are now five months old, and they just laid their first eggs! My children are loving fresh eggs for breakfast, and it's like an easter egg hunt every morning! This morning, as my 15-year-old daughter went to look for eggs, one of our chickens laid an egg right before her eyes! She was so excited! She collected the eggs and brought them in and cooked them up. You can't get fresher than that!!!

Hope to get to know you all soon.

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