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Dec 6, 2020
...lol I am AnimalLover2005 I am pretty new to the bird community. I have 16 Coturnix Quail 11 hens 5 roosters 2 cutches, they are pretty calm. We have lost quite a few birds on our pretend homestead... to animals and most to us, we bought our first clutch from this amazing guy 2hrs from us it started with 16 chicks. We lost our first baby to our feeder, he was in our brooder, and he managed to get caught in the feeder under the heat overnight when we found him in the morning it was too late, we were sooo devastated. We ended up butchering 7 of our roosters for meat, our 2 calmest males stayed for breeding. Our next clutch was the chicks from the 1st clutch I got an incubator and we cooked some eggs. lol. I ended up hatching 9 chicks out of 15 eggs. Out of that clutch, we lost 1 baby we wanted to give them a break from the brooder so we let all out darlings out and put them in a tractor and some animal got in last we saw of it was a little blood😭. I looked EVERYWHERE for it. I have had them since May 22 and Im figuring things out as I go on... I am here to answer questions and ask.

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