Hello for rural East Texas


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6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
East Texas
We are starting a small flock after about a 4 year layoff. We have had buff orpingtons, white leggings and red sexlinks. The buffs were by far the best natured chickens. So, this time we got buff orpingtons and barred rocks. They are around 6 weeks old and the barred rocks seems to be as good natured as the buffs. Starting out with 3 buff ladies, 3 barred rock ladies and 1 buff roo.........future stud.
Howdy from Kansas, backwoodstexas, and
! Great to have you with us! Good luck to you and your new flock! I agree - both of those are kind, good-natured breeds.
Backwoodstexas, great chickens. I have two of each plus a few more. Welcome. My daughter will be moving to Texas. It breaks my heart with the grandkids but hope she will find hapoiness.

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