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Mar 17, 2009
Hi, I'm Linda living in Southern Maine. We have 11 chickens, 2 RI reds, 4 Brahmas, an Aracana, a black orph? and a couple more in our backyard coop. We started with 6-which was perfect, but an opossum was eating my sister in laws chickens at her house so she brought us 6 more. One was attacked by the neighbors dog the other day

I found this site because they have chicken lice--noticed while checking out our injured hen--and I treated with the rotenone 1% that the feed store gave me. Now I have seen that it can affect the chickens if it builds up in their system and I am concerned. They are acting fine right now, it's been 2 days since I dusted and they are already laying better. I had dusted them and have a thin layer in the coop under the new bedding and in each box. Do I sweep it out and apply something else? And how long do I keep from eating the eggs?

I spoke to a pesticide center located on the bag of rotenone and he couldn't find info on the eggs because it's an off label use. How foolish was I--I just wanted to get those off of my poor hens as quick as possible.

Thank you, Linda
Sorry to hear about your chickens! I am not sure of the answer, but someone on here surely does!! BYC has a wealth of information and good advice!!

Welcome from North Carolina!!
Welcome to BYC, Sweetfamily!!!

You might want to look into purchasing human grade diatomatous earth (DE for short) - I spread that around in my coop regularly and on the perches - and dust the chickens in it (need to keep the dust from flying around and getting into their respiratory system and theirs - it is organic stuff - but very fine) - seems to work - so far, no lice! And I don't need to worry about chemicals in their systems...

If you use the search function and search for DE or for lice, my bet is that you'll find some helpful info!!!


Sorry to hear about your chickens.
I agree with Wingnut1 and go with DE. However, what to do in the meantime with what you have already used...well, I am not familiar with it, so I am completely useless. Wish I was more informative.

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