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Jun 14, 2010
When I was a kid I grew up on a hobby farm. We did have chickens when I was really little. I moved away and after many years away I moved back to that same little village I grew up in. Back in with my parents to help them. Having us all together really makes life easier. It is so much fun getting the little hobby farm back and running! We all worked really hard to get the barn cleaned up so we can have some animals again. We looked in a poultry magazine and just picked a breed that looked interesting and would be a dual purpose bird; Buff Orpington. the only problem that we found is they are hard to find in our neck of the woods. We finally found a lady that hatched some and was selling them a few hours away.

We came away with 9 three week old chick. Some are Buff Orpington and some are Red Sussex. My mother bought a couple of dozen eggs, and they are in our incubater. They could be any or all of the following breeds; Bantom, Americana, Buff Orpington, or Red Sussex. We put them in the bater on June 10, 2010.

I found BYC just by doing a search on yahoo. I didn't have to search any further.

I moved back to my childhood village a few years ago. I love being out in the garden, learning about growing stuff. I have a couple of miniature poodles. I love to practice grooming them. I must be pretty good at it cause I end up grooming other people dogs. I love working with the children and youth in my community, although I have none of my own. I really enjoy sewing, and make a few costumes here and there (when the need arises). Out in our barn we have those 9 chicks, and 3 lambs/sheep. We have a few steers coming as soon as the farmer brings them over. Inside the house we have 3 dogs, a set of love birds (we got our incubater when a lovebird breeder tried to convince my mother she wanted to start an aviary, it is very basic but it has hatched many lovebirds over the years so it should work), a cat, and a 55G fishtank (stocked with mostly corydoras, my favorite). I do have a job. I work as a cook in a Seniors Home. I love my job. My younger sister also lives with us all. So there are the four of us working as a team to tend and care for all these critters and a huge garden. We are trying to be as self sufficient as possible. I remember growing up that when we were able to raise our own food we never went hungry and the freezer was filled to the brim. As soon as we moved to a town that we could not have any livestock..it was more difficult to keep food in the house. I absolutely love country life and you could never pay me to live in the city again! Being able to see the bright stars at night, and actually hear the silence is the best!


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Oct 10, 2009
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hello and welcome from houston


Longfeather Lane
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Jun 10, 2010
Sounds like quite the life! Welcome to the boards
Good luck with the hatching, you should pop over to the incubating and hatching board and make a post if you haven't yet!

Backyard Hencam

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from a Californian. Alberta is such a beautiful place.
We have a lovely, sweet Buff Orpington hen. I keep wondering if they are all like that. She's always the first to jump in our laps and settle in. When we have visitors, she is the one we take to them to be petted. I'm sure you'll love your new flock. Best of luck!


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Jun 13, 2011
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from NW Georgia!! We are glad to have you here!! Know that any questions you have are just a post away from getting numerous responses!!
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