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Mar 5, 2010
We live in a suburb of Phoenix on a 1/4 acre lot. I have a lot of garden plots, and need a lot of compost, and chickens help with that.

Right now we have a Rhode Island red (Paprika) two Ameracaunas (Peck and Amber) and a barred Plymouth rock (Bella). I think that's what she is. We also have a male rex rabbit named Vincent, who lives quite amicably in the coop with them. We also just started some chicks in December. Their names are Emmiline, Esmerelda, and Genevieve.

During the day they rest under the shade of our lime tree (growing in the coop) and at night they sleep in a very pretty little house with a tiled cupola roof. Will try to post pictures of that on the appropriate sub-forum.

I have come to this forum for information sometimes, but just recently joined so that I could post and tell people about my webcomic "Coop de Grace" which is about my chickens. It just celebrated its one year anniversary.
from Ohio. So glad you joined. It is a great site.
I CERTAINLY don't know..........but, I have read that

Keeping chickens and rabbits TOGETHER

is asking for trouble...Health Problems.

Something that you MIGHT look into.


I wasn't sure how the rabbit and hens would get along at first. It works great. He needs company, and can't be with other rabbits because he's not neutered. They've been living together for four years, and have had no issues. It's a plenty-large coop, maybe 200 square feet. Sometimes they eat each others' food, but that's about it.

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