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Jun 3, 2020
Hey everybody. I go by AC and I currently live in Arkansas. I am not entirely new to chickens but I am definitely new to some aspects of chickens. My father-in-law had some but his wife made him get rid of them because the rooster's made too much noise. So I have helped him in that regard and building the coop, care, feeding, etc. I do have other questions but I will get to those later.

I currently have 12 chicks and I am currently preparing for the impending growth! :) Here is a pic in their current enclosure:

The 12 chicks are of the following breeds (3 of each): Black Sex Link, New Hampshire, Production Red, Rhode Island Red

My favorite aspects of raising these so far is the joy my kids take in helping me and learning a new things about raising, especially the DIY stuff.

Some of my other hobbies are gardening (chicken waste is helpful there) and fishing

I have a wife, who has been a great help in this so far, 3 kids who love their chickens, a dog named Scuttle, and a cat named Penny.

I found BYC through google searches. It seemed like any search I did on chickens led me to this site most of the time so I decided to join.

I'm hoping to learn a great deal from some of the veterans and hopefully help out some people with my own trials and tribulations.

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