Hello from Arkansas


9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Hello to my fellow chicken groupies,

I've been a quiet observer for a while, but I thought I should introduce myself..I've loved chickens since I was old enough to know what one was. My great grandmother helped start the chicken industry in Arkansas many years ago, but I am more interested in specific breeds and show quality. I'm very interested in Black Copper Marans. I'm researching them at the moment. I have raised silkies and cuckoo marans in the past along with bantams (all pet quality). We have a small hobby farm. We raise Nubian dairy goats for milk and to show. Would love to acquire a nice starter flock of Marans to begin raising and showing. We love going to shows and having fresh milk and eggs. I am a student of self sufficiency and permaculture as well. Any information that anyone would like to share is appreciated regarding BC Marans, etc.

Thanks! Leah
Welcome from a fellow Arky. There is some people on the Arkansas thread that have some. I'm in the NW which part are you in?
from Indiana

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