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8 Years
May 26, 2011
I've always been a huge animal lover and I have worked for animal welfare organizations and vets since 1999. I currently work at a nonprofit lowcost spay/neuter clinic. My husband and I also run a small nonprofit 501(c)3, licensed dog shelter. We live in the city but we have a huge lot! Our backyard has 2 separately fenced in yards. One is for the dogs and we want to put a chicken coop in the other fenced in part which is actually bigger than the dogs' yard. The dogs stay indoors most of the time.

I had two chicks as a teenager that we hatched in our Genetics class, Easter and Lilly. Unfortunately they turned out to both be roosters and eventually had to go live on my friend's farm. My husband and I have been wanting chickens for awhile. This weekend, we plan on finally building a coop. I really wanted to adopt chickens from a rescue, but they only have roosters available right now. I'm interested in getting information on breeders in my area that breed pet quality chickens that will also lay eggs. I want to be able to see the hatchery and make sure I'm not supporting an inhumane breeder. I'd also love suggestions on breeds. Right now we are considering Australorp, Delaware, Faverolle, Plymouth Rock, Sussex, & Wyandotte hens. We don't want them too young, so we know they're not roosters. I would love to have a rooster once we get a farm, but I don't think my neighbors would be happy if I did it now.
You will find the answers to any issue here!
Hi Whitney

You've come to a great place with lots of info and nice people
Its wonderful that there are animal lovers in the world like yourself who care for poor creatures who are abandoned or abused
God Bless You!
Welcome to the site! I'm new here, too, but it seems like we've found a great resource.

I know what you mean about not wanting roosters... I just don't want to fall in love with a critter that makes my neighbors hate me

I think getting sexed chicks is reasonably reliable if you want to go the very young route, instead.


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