hello from BC, CANADA.


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Jun 20, 2022
British Columbia, CANADA
Hello chicken people,
I am finding myself coming across this forum often while researching. Chicken genetics are fascinating. I have had chickens for many years. For eggs, meat, compost building and entertainment. This year I have been dabbling in breeding. It has been so rewarding to hatch chicks from our own birds.
Currently we have over 50 chickens. A small layer flock, a personal Easter Egger project, and the beginnings of a Black Copper Maran & BBS Ameraucana Pens.
Our family really enjoys our chickens and the gifts they bring….

That's awesome! 💐🌺Welcome to Backyard Chickens!!!🌺💐 I would love to hear more about your easter egger project!
Thank you!
For my project I am breeding for vigour and temperament, birds have beards & muffs and lay green eggs. beautiful backyard birds that lay lots of pretty eggs.
(heavy AM influences)

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