Hello from Belgium


Jul 21, 2016
Hey everyone

I'm Merlijn, 27 years old/young and I live near Antwerp in Belgium.
I've had 2 chickens for 5 years now but recently bought the parental house so now I can do what I want in the garden.
I extended the chicken run to 25m long and 6m wide with a couple of coops under a shed (see pictures).
I've now got 1 turkey running in it + the 2 old chickens.
I've got a closed sections that will be used for quail. I have 9 eggs in the incubator at the moment who should hatch 28 july.
Then there are also 5 baby Sebright chickens (4 weeks old) in a cage still inside that will join the large chicken run in about 6-7 weeks
The 2 chickens are for laying eggs, the turkey is for christmas, the quail are intented for breeding to get meat and also some eggs and the Sebrights are also for breeding to keep and sell some (they are hard to get in Belgium).

The chicken run

Green: egg chicken house
Below green: Turkey house
One against the wall is for the Sebrights and on top of that will come the Quail house wich will be connected to the closed run via tunnels/bridges.

Closed quail run

Inside cage for baby sebrights/quail (never together)

That's all I got at the moment, still building the Quail house and the tunnels/bridges, will post picture of that once it's finished.
Hi Merlijn and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us. It's seems like the poultry bug has you firmly in its grasp :) thanks for sharing your pics and your introduction.

Best wishes

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