Hello from Brisbane, Australia !


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Sep 4, 2011
:Hello everyone!

I am a new 'chickenmama' living in Brisbane, Australia. I have 2 gorgeous Australorp girls (one layed her first egg today YAY!), one Barred Plymouth Rock who is about 18wks, and two 6 week old buff sussex babies. I also have two 'non feathered' children, a lovely hubby (who is very patient with my chicken obsession), and an elderly cat who frequently gets beaten up by the baby chickens.

I have been looking at this forum for a couple of months, and would not have been brave enough to finally go and buy my girls without everything I have learnt from the BYC community.

I look forward to learning heaps more and 'talking' to you all.
kittykat01 (Katarina)

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