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  1. HLAC

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    Aug 24, 2009
    Central Utah
    Hi, My name is Christine, I'm in Central Illinois (Mclean County).

    I've had chickens, pheasants, turkeys and quail in the past but it's been about 5 years since I owned any. (I used to live up in the Chicago 'burbs) I was jonesing for some more birds and found somebody selling some hens for $4 each. That was pretty cheap compared to some of the prices I'd been seeing so I jumped at the opportunity and bought 8 of them.

    They guy that I got them from, got them from somebody else, so I don't know much about their history. Some were rough looking from pecking/molting and perhaps a rooster in their past but they appeared otherwise healthy. He was getting rid of them because they weren't laying very well.
    They seem to be older hens (no idea how old) and most of them are molting. Still they're nice birds and I get 1-3 eggs per day. There are four barred rocks and four Rhode Island reds (or production reds).

    Did I mentioned I jumped into this? I didn't even have a coop.. just a dog run for them. My boyfriend, who claims he doesn't like chickens, designed and built the coop right away.

    Here are a bunch of pictures:



    K (my boyfriend) building the chicken tractor type coop. The chickens weren't fazed at all by the drilling, sawing and noise. One chicken stood by K's feet almost the whole time and clucked her approval or disapproval of his progress.

    Being the big, tough guy that he is, he trys to act like he doesn't like the hens, but he'll stop what he's doing to catch a cricket and carry it over to them. [​IMG]

    Here's the coop in it's current state. Still needs to be finished... but it's usuable. I use a small tractor to pull it around in the yard.

    I'm hoping to find a small window and some roofing material for cheap but I may have to break down and actually go to Menards. :eek:

    Anyhow.. more pictures...

    One of the molting reds.

    "Go catch me a cricket."

    The 'Dirt Spa'.

    I'm hoping they lay more when they finish molting.

    So anyhow, Howdy everybody!
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  2. M To The Maxx

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    Jul 24, 2009
    [​IMG] Great chickens!!!!!
  3. SuziQ991

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    Aug 18, 2009
    Welcome! Wow, how lucky for you and your hens! When I first started talking about getting chickens my hubby would just roll his eyes and ignore me. But I kept talking anyway [​IMG]. I went away for a week and when I came back I saw the new coop he had built for me! He still acts like he does not care about them, but I asked him to make me more roosts and he did. I told him he was going to be just as excited as me when we get the first egg.....he will. And so will your boyfriend! Anyway, welcome and your coop looks great!
  4. fldiver97

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    [​IMG] from WI. Before you spend a lot at Menards - try a Habitat for Humanity Store (Habitat ReStore)....they oftern have good windows for very little money...Or check CraigsList or Freecycle for free/inexpensive windows.
    Nice job with the coop, the chickens sure look happy!!! Great that they found a good home:weee
  5. OSUman


    Apr 17, 2009
    Central Illinois
    From Mclean county IL too i can tell ur from around here cause i see the soybeans and the corn [​IMG] [​IMG] .
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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    WOW! Thats great setup! Kudos to your boyfriend!

    Welcome to BYC!
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    May 14, 2009
    Aregua, Paraguay
    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from PA! And so the addiction begins......
  8. HLAC

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    Aug 24, 2009
    Central Utah
    Thanks everybody!

    fldiver, Thanks for mentioning the ReStore. I had forgotten about those places. I think there's one about 15 miles away in Bloomington. I'll have to go check it out.

    OSUman, I joke about that with my friends down here. They'll call me while I'm driving and ask where I am. I'll answer, "between two cornfields, wait, now there's a beanfield on the left." [​IMG]
    It took me awhile to get used to the road system down here. 1200 N? 900 E? I felt like I was playing Battleship.

    The hens gave me 4 eggs yesterday. Woot!
  9. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
  10. b.hromada

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    Nice! Those gilrs sure look happy with you. Congrats! [​IMG] [​IMG] from S. Florida! Its great to have you here!

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