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Aug 15, 2016
Hi, my wife and I have decided to add a few chickens to our menagerie of 1 horse, 1 pig, and four dogs. We are both in our 50's and live in central NC.

Of course I have a question
It seems we made a fatal error (fatal to some of our chickens). We had chickens in two separate pens, in one we had adults, a Speckled Sussex rooster, two Red Sexlink hens, and 1 Easter Egger hen. In the other we had 9 pullets all about 3/4ths grown. We had expanded the one pen area to about 800 sq ft and decided to mix all the chickens together. We put the 9 pullets in with the 4 adults last night. All seemed well this am however when I went back around 3 pm, four of the 3/4 grown pullets were dead. Three were dead in the outside run the other inside the coop. No noticeable injuries other than quite a few feathers, no blood or guts. I'm sure there was no predators involved. The temperature here today was in the mid-90's with a heat index over 100, we did have a fan running in the coop. We are guessing that maybe the stress of being moved along with the heat and trying to establish a new pecking order may have killed them? Or do you think that the other hens/pullets just attacked them and if so, what is the best way to introduce new chickens to the flock? We have 3 more adult hens that we are hoping to eventually add to the mix.

All of these chickens have been out "free ranging" together 4 or 5 times for an hour or so without issues.


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Greetings from Kansas, ncnative, and
. Happy you joined us but sorry to hear about your chicken introduction woes. Here is a great link to an article that talks about how to intro new birds to an established flock https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/adding-to-your-flock
You can also just enter 'introducing new chickens' into the BYC search bar and access a ton of threads. Additionally, lots of great info is to be had perusing the Learning Center (brown tab above). Best of like with your birds!

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So sorry to hear of your loss- the older birds may have also bullied them away from feeder and water - and the stress & heat added to their demise.

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